Twin Cessna Program – Cessna 300/400 Series Insurance Training

We offer a Cessna 300/400 series insurance training program for initial, transition, and recurrent training that includes ground and flight time. Contact us for more information.

Flight Time

  • Initial 8 Hours
  • Transition 6 Hours (3 Hours*)
  • Recurrent 3 Hour

Total time Cessna 300/400 series training curriculum contains the following segments:

Ground Time

  • Initial 16 Hours
  • Transition 16 Hours or (8 Hours *)
  • Recurrent 4 Hours


Program Costs

  • Initial  $2,550.00
  • Transition  (pricing dependent upon pilot currency)
  • Recurrent  $1,250.00

(*)Transition time applicable only for pilots who are currently have or previously been qualified under this training program in same manufacture and class of aircraft.